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Harold Dangervil is an Entrepreneur, Small Business Adviser, and Business Coach. Harold has been helping business for more than 16 years across multiple industries with a focus on adding value to operations by installing organization and structure. Harold empowers small business owners across New York City through video, business training workshops and one on one coaching sessions. Now he uses his skills and experience to alleviate the stress that comes with running a business by providing business strategies, business tools, and tactical support to give entrepreneurs more time to focus on the other area of their lives.


  • Harold Dangervil is the co-founder of The Association for the Social Advancement of People, Inc., a Non-for-profit organization that has been teaching financial literacy and social responsibility to youth in communities that suffer from economic hardship since 2005. Helping hundreds of youth understand finances and giving them the tools to act toward financial empowerment.

  • Harold Dangervil has revolutionized the Entertainment industry as the co-founder of Coalition Entertainment, LLC, an event planning company turned marketing firm. He is recognized for bringing organizational structure to an industry that operated in unpredictable patterns.

  • Harold Dangervil made his mark on the financial services industry. Recognized as one of the top 50 small business specialist in Long Island, he has brought millions of dollars in revenue to bank branches across Long Island, while helping thousands of businesses and individuals with their banking needs.


Ideas are truly a gift from The Creator. They empower us to be more than what we are and allows us to do more than we thought we could do. However, ideas only matter when they are being brought into reality or else, they are left in the realm of nonexistence to forever be forgotten. When an idea becomes a business, it is alive, and its purpose is to make peoples lives better. As entrepreneurs, when we grow that idea and witness its existence, we achieve true fulfillment. This is the feeling I think we all want to have. So, how do we make an idea real and turn it into a business that give us fulfillment? Excellent and Execution exists to be the answer to that question.



Excellence & Execution (E&E) is a Business Development firm that’s saves entrepreneurs from stress and overwhelm by providing business documents, tools, and coaching to help them gain more momentum in their business.


E&E serves entrepreneurs by eliminating stress and overwhelm through the use of business tools and strategies. The same tools used by Fortune 500 corporations and multi-million dollar companies to grow and build profit gaining capabilities, in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. We know as the owner of your business, your plate is full. Therefore, we alleviate current burdens by assisting with document preparation, systems development, and process installation.  This will allow you the time and energy to grow your business and enhance your current initiatives towards higher profits and sustainability.


With our business document, tools,  and coaching, you will:

  • Increase revenues and create steady profits which means you will achieve financial freedom.

  • Learn specific marketing and business skills which gives you the tools to navigate any business environment.

  • Expand your reach and find new customers which means you will grow your business.

  • Have an action plan for growing your business which gives you clarity in your business’ future and alleviates stress.

  • Boost clarity with your business vision and big projects which will give you certainty around your business and alleviate stress.

  • Create sustainable motivation and accountability which will enhance your businesses performance.

  • Have more time which gives you more freedom.

  • Prioritize your tasks so you know what to do first which will make you more organized.

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed which will alleviate your frustration and anxiety.

We frequently provide solutions to business owners who are experiencing burnout from:

  • Stress related to not achieving results.

  • Feeling burnout because of a large number of tasks.

  • Frustration about missing important family events.

  • Lack of expertise or knowledge in specific areas of business.

  • Feeling vulnerable to increasing competition.

  • Being aggravated about poor business performance.


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