In business without is mission is like a dog chasing cars, in that the dog has no idea what he will do when he catches one. A mission statement serves your business no matter how large or small the company maybe because it becomes your true north. It will guide you in hard times and keep you centered during times of abundance and prosperity. Having a mission is what separates the masters from the dabblers. If you are on the path to being a master then this work shop will show you an easy way to develop a mission statement that is no t just mere words, but is a guiding force for you and your business so that you can weather and storm and prosper in the end.

Having a mission that is empowering and connects to your true purpose is the perfect business tool to ignite your drive and get your business to do the impossible. We want to make sure that we help you in your journey, so we provided a summary of the workshop as a downloadable PDF below. With this, you can fan the flames of your desires so that the real prize is won every day.

A visual summary of the Mission Statement Formula. a business tool designed to help you remember how to build an effective mission statement.




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